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A Year of Sundays
A Year of Sundays book.jpg

Hardcover. 2021

414 pgs.


A Year of Sundays is a collection of Lessons from a body of work delivered each Sunday over 35 years of teaching Sunday School.  This Collection of Lessons has been carefully arranged to provide the reader several possible resources in their own personal or professional ministry.


1. A Personal study guide and weekly devotional program for reflection and growth each week of the year.

2. A resource for other Sunday School Teachers for new content for study and application of the wisdom of the Bible to life.

3. A selection of materials from which sermons can and have been delivered by pastors, priests and ministers of the stories from the Bible

4. A tool for individual and collective bible study and discussion aimed and opening up rich discussions and deeper faith though studies of the Bible and it’s timeless application to life.


The miracle of the Bible is that it is timeless, it always applies and never gets completely finished. As a result, a true devotional based on it is of use not just throughout a year but over and over again throughout a lifetime.


We are all “pilgrims on a journey” through life, the quantity of the years of our lives can vary but the quality of our lives happens when we can enrich every moment we have and walk with God instead of just toward Heaven.


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The Confident Christian

Paperback, 1986

121 pgs.


The Confident Christian, originally published in 1986 is now in its second printing! Thousands of people have enjoyed the thoughtful insights provided in this book. Written by G. Dan Lumpkin and his friend and mentor Nonie S. Green, The Confident Christian examines the ingredients necessary for a balanced life in all three dimensions. A professional walk requires a “calling”. A strong motivational movement inside us all that motivates us to achieve professional success. At the heart of every professional success is a personal “calling” to serve and to leave the world in a little better condition that it was when we found it. Answering such a call takes courage, to stand up as a true believer, determination to put the most important relationship in your life at the top of the heap and confidence that your life is not accidental but is truly purposeful. Thousands have found this book practical, helpful and insightful. It is insight into the core philosophy of Dan and Nonie as they have addressed personal and professional issues of thousands of people around the world. You will find it helpful too.


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